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Ethan Blake

AnG It's just a game just pretend and you don't have to it just boost up your level power so. Chicalicious Well, on my game I can date whoever I want Maybe it's a glitch or something. Or it's just ur game.

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In this date, Ethan takes you to a movie premiere, but you notice that he falls asleep. After watching it, he reveals his co-star is his ex-wife, who he married after. Ethan Blake is a young Agent waiting for the right client to bring into Hollywood. He is an outgoing, ambitious and friendly person who has a keen eye for.

I'm a girl so I am not going to date Addison and I kind of chose Chris but I just wasted 50 diamonds on it: Kattyk You have to do these missions before being able to date who you want, after that you should be able to choose: Hollywood Boy Just pick Ethan it's the best one if your a girl, on Chris he makes you spent 50 gems 2 times, I'm a boy I finsihed dating Addison but nothing happened, on my character It says I'm still not dating her, so just do Ethan and you might get to date some of your people. Mon, 05 Nov Dec 10, ESRB: Do i have to date Addison?

Zoe Rodriguez

Why cant i choose? Hannah Frost, Dec 26, AnG It's just a game just pretend and you don't have to it just boost up your level power so Posted on: She has the third skin tone. She has bright pink lip gloss.

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Crash is a huge fan of Zoe. During the quest Pier 1 True Love, it is reveal that while Zoe was still rising in her career, Ethan offered Zoe a contract, to which she refused, and the two broke contact. However, during the quest, Zoe is being extremely flirty towards Ethan, saying she'd like to 'be friends, very close friends'.

Ethan states that he would usually jump at the offer either to being in a relationship with Zoe or a kareoke party with the crew of The Walking Dead , but he is on a date. During Pier 1 True Love , Zoe states she has a boyfriend, though they recently had an large argument, hence the flirting with Ethan. The two then decide to have their wedding be huge, and 'bigger than Kim K's', and even film the preparing for a reality show special on the wedding.

During the filming, the two argue a lot, and prove that they love each other, but their differences might be big enough to tear them apart. Eventually Zoe throws her wedding ring into the crowd while yelling at Chance because he changed the only thing she cared about, her wedding song down the aisle, for his fans.

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Desiree is a close friend of Zoe's; in fact, she's basically Zoe's only female friend. They got matching tattoos to commemorate the completion of the film War Zone.

Desiree is the Maid of Honor at Zoe's wedding. Desiree harbours romantic feelings for Zoe, but does not act on them, for fear of risking their friendship.

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